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One of the toughest challenges that educational institutions face in California today is difficulty in securing the financial sustainability that is required to provide your students with the tools and environment that they need to thrive in their education. Creative solutions are often required in order to provide your students with the experience that will help them to succeed.

The shortage of qualified teachers is at historic levels and District’s need to find innovative ways to recruit and retain key staff. Using underutilized land and creative financing to provide affordable housing is quickly becoming a key part of every District’s recruiting and retention programs.

Real estate is often overlooked due to the challenge that can come along with trying to gain financial benefit from the property that the organization controls. 3D Strategies can help you to navigate the difficulties of converting your land or property to an asset, and help you to build strong financial sustainability – and affordable workforce housing – for your organization for years to come.

Dominic Dutra

Dominic Dutra

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