We are a consulting and strategic planning partner for educational institutions, faith communities, governmental agencies, nonprofits, foundations and family-owned trusts. Our services are uniquely designed to help your organization optimize their use of real estate assets in furtherance of your core mission, organizational goals and fiscal sustainability.

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Developing reliable and unreserved income streams – and affordable housing for your teachers and staff – are critical to your District’s success. If you have untapped real estate resources, they could help to provide your students, faculty and employees with the tools that they need to succeed.


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With over 30-years’ experience in the public sector, 3D Strategies understands the complex legal implications of dealing with publicly owned real property. We also realize that with the loss of Redevelopment, these same assets are critical to Economic Growth and Fiscal Sustainability.


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3D Strategies uses the Parable of the Talents and the Road to Emmaus to guide our efforts to help you prudently and faithfully use your real estate resources to minister to others in a fiscally sustainable way – even if it is a New Beginning that is yet unknown and based on faith in God’s providence.


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Foundations and Family Trusts

Your real estate assets should support the core organizational goals of your Foundation and/or Family Trust. 3D Strategies is your trusted and expert real estate partner to create these strategic plans and effectively communicate this strategy to key stakeholders.


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Affordable Housing and Nonprofits

3D Strategies has years of experience in acquiring and entitling land for affordable housing, as well as helping nonprofits find cost-effective locations for expanding their nonprofit services.


Mission First Real Estate Consulting

3D Strategies serves only educational institutions, faith communities, governmental agencies, nonprofits, foundations and family-owned trusts. We will help optimize your real estate resources in support of your mission and goals.

Goals Over Profits

Your mission comes first. 3D strategies determines fees based on your organization’s budget. We understand the difficulty that community driven organizations often face, and will work to find the best solution to support your goals.

Expertise In Your Industry

3D Strategies has vast experience in your field and partners with highly-regarded professionals who provide invaluable perspective on your challenges. These key team members act as critical liaisons and projects managers to ensure that we have a firm understanding of your mission.


Socially Responsible Real-Estate Services

At 3D Strategies we are committed to optimizing the value of your real estate assets not only monetarily, but socially. We understand these values need to reflect the overriding mission of our organization to improve the lives of the broader based community.


Often the real estate assets of the  organizations and individuals that we work with are by far their most valuable resource. We hold ourselves accountable for treating these assets with honesty and integrity, helping you to navigate decisions that will make sustainable differences for your mission and our community as a whole.


We work to build relationships with those who seek to improve the community that we all live and work in. We hire project managers within your organization’s areas of expertise to ensure that your project is inline with your organizations vision. We know that if we work as a team, we will build a stronger community for everyone.


Experience is not a replacement for innovation. We seek to improve our methods each day and encourage all of those whom we work with to allow their imagination and creativity to play a part in the process. There will always be a better way to accomplish our goals and missions, and we will remain open to new ideas along the way.

“Having seen him in action, I’m deeply impressed by Dominic’s brilliant strategic thinking, creative vision, and fierce determination. He puts his client’s interests first and works diligently, even heroically, on their behalf. He is committed to community service and understands how to creatively use – and optimize – an organization’s resources to achieve their vision. Without hesitation, I would recommend Dominic as THE best partner for mission-driven organizations.”

Steffani Kizziar

Doctoral Student and former VP of Faith-Based Services

“Dominic Dutra has been our real estate consultant for the last three years. He is a consummate professional and knows his craft well. He always has the interest of client at heart. His wisdom and knowledge has guided Claremont School of Theology through a long and arduous process in best use of the schools real estate in fulfilling its mission in preparing religious leaders for the society and the world.”

Jeffrey Kuan

President, Claremont School of Theology

3D Strategies is a Community Partner

We are a mentor and a patient partner, helping you to navigate the potential in your real estate resources. We will help you to find new solutions to problems impacting your organization’s stability and long-term impact on our community.

serving those who serve others

We help you realize your organizational missions by prudently accessing your valuable real estate resources and creating a plan that will help you utilize your real estate to its highest potential.

supporting your mission

We step in your organization’s shoes in order to help it move forward toward its goals. We are a patient partner and mentor while navigating opportunities for your organization.

Part Protector, Part Innovator

We help our customers protect what they have so they are able to continue their missions and innovate new solutions for community problems in the future.

Dominic Dutra

Dominic Dutra

Founder / CEO

Cell Phone: 510.366.9931 (available 24/7)
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